May 162010

Cover News is a weekly feature keeping you up to date on the goings-on in the world of cover tunes, tribute albums, etc. At the bottom we showcase the submissions we’ve been sent in the past week (send us yours)! As always, follow Cover Me on Twitter for the latest news.

The Rolling Stones

This Week’s News

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Exile on Main Street week wrapped up Thursday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. To sum up:
        Green Day: “Rip This Joint”  [Hulu]
        Taj Mahal w/ the Roots: “Shine a Light”  [Hulu]
        Keith Urban: “Tumbling Dice”  [Hulu]
        Sheryl Crow w/ the Roots: “All Down the Line” [Hulu]
        Phish: “Loving Cup” [Hulu]

Shakira covers the xx.  Keep waiting to hear this is a prank.  [The Fader]

The new Mates of State covers album promises to be scary good.  Their cover of Nick Cave’s heart-wrenching “Love Letter” confirms it.  [Consequence of Sound]

TMS unearths a gorgeous cover of Grizzly Bear’s “Shift,” complete with Snow White-esq video.  [The Music Slut]

London singer-songwriter Naama Hillman throws another sensitive-female “Dancing in the Dark” onto the ever-growing pile.  [Ryan’s Smashing Life]

NPR broadcasters cover Lady Gaga, abandon all self-respect.  Robert Siegel, when did you lose your way?  [YouTube]

Step 1: Watch twelve-year old Greyson Michael Chance cover “Paparazzi” on Ellen.  Step 2: Wish you had eight minutes of your life back.  [Gather]

And finally in Gaga cover news, she teamed up with Elton John (predictable), Bruce Springsteen (unpredictable) and Sting (who cares) to dig up the über-chlichéd “Don’t Stop Believing.” [YouTube]

Think the days of La Roux covers have passed?  Kelis begs to differ.  [Big Stereo]

Laura Marling has moved on from Eminem to Mumford & Sons and Jackson C. Frank.  Progress?  [Tastes Like Caramel]

In lieu of Arcade Fire cover, John Legend performs protest cannon on new album.  The Roots play backup band, so it might now totally blow.  [Rolling Stone]

This Week’s Submissions

Ezekial Ezekial – Cocoon (Björk)  [more]

Flecton Big Sky – (Not) Superstitious (Snailhouse)  [more]

The New Limb – Bizarre Love Triangle/Time After Time (New Order/Cyndi Lauper)  [more]

Passporte Royale – Singularity (Norwegian Recycling)  [more]

Trevis Prince – This Woman’s Work (Kate Bush)  [more]

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  1. Found the new site on my own – URL guesswork FTW – and it looks great! Looking forward to seeing it go live!

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