The Real Slim Shady

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Apr 122010

I get nostalgic remembering all the turn-of-the-century fuss over a potty-mouthed white rapper corrupting the nation’s youth.  With two wars and an economic collapse to deal with these days, such worries seem almost quaint. Eminem began his comeback last year with some hits (“3 a.m,” his show-stealing verse on Lil Wayne’s “Drop the World”) and some misses (his still-parodying-1999 “We Made You” video, most of Relapse), but the world of absurdist violence and middle-school homophobia just wasn’t the same without Marshall Mathers.

Lounge-O-Leers – The Real Slim Shady
The Lounge-O-Leers occupy the same territory as Richard Cheese, bridging the gap between music and comedy.  Here the duo recites pensive spoken word over a lounge-hop beat.  Bonus points for coming up with so many sound effects to play over the naughty words.  [Buy]

Destressed – Just Lose It
You know that jugband-bluegrass “Gin and Juice”?  Same approach here.  But with more cowbell.  [Buy]

Royal Native – Criminal
The band posted a disclaimer with this piano-and-melodica cover: “We would like to point out that all the lyrical content…is Eminem’s not ours – especially the homophobic stuff, which is most of the song.”  Helpful.  [Buy]

The Script – Lose Yourself
In many people’s minds (read: the media, parents) Eminem stands for violence and misogyny.  No doubt he’s done plenty to fuel such perceptions, but this self-empowerment anthem still sounds more honest than all the blabbering about chaining his ex-wife in the basement.  [Buy]

Tori Amos – ’97 Bonnie & Clyde
Amos set the gold-standard for Eminem covers with this heart-wrenching ballad, delivered without a hint of irony.  [Buy]

Bryce Larsen – Crack a Bottle
You may have already forgotten last year’s big comeback single “Crack a Bottle,” but believe it or not it was Em’s second ever number-one hit.  [Buy]

Aislin – Guilty Conscience
If my conscious was a screamo vocalist, I’d avoid robbing convenience stores too. Actually, I’d probably avoid that regardless.  [Buy]

Jeffrey Lewis & Laura Marling – Brain Damage
This must be the only rap song ever to use the word “ornery.”  Study S.A.T. vocab with Professor Mathers!  [Buy]

Streetwize – My Name Is
I can’t believe I did a post on Dr. Dre and never came across Does Dre, an “urban jazz” album covering songs written or produced by the Doctor.  [Buy]

Emily Reay – Sing for the Moment
When you cover “Sing for the Moment” you get two songs for the price of one, since the original so heavily samples “Dream On.”  Reay wisely avoids attempting that falsetto.  [Buy]

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  1. What an awesome version of Lose Yourself. I have similar feeling as you do about the original, it's a great song, way above the average Eminem hit.

  2. Yup. Another comment here to the extent that, while Shady mostly feels like an intentionally-offensive novelty act that somehow went mainstream… Lose Yourself has real art to it. I like the cover, but I'm not sure I could say I like it more than the original, which is *not* something I could say about a decent cover of any other Eminem song.

  3. Astrazz’s version of “Lose Yourself” is worth listening to as well!
    (You yankees have access to Spotify now, right?) :

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