Sep 112009

This Week’s News

As many of you know, Cover Me recently launched its very own Twitter page! To gather followers, here’s an incentive. If Cover Me gets 100 followers by Monday night, I will tweet an exclusive set of Animal Collective covers (to followers only). So get on board!

In other exciting site news, our beautiful new site logo goes up on Monday! Here are some key words to whet your appetite: Radiohead. The Beatles. Nine Inch Nails.

Highly Rec’d’s monthly mixtape is cover-themed. Go to their to download covers of Weezer, Michael Jackson, Guided By Voices and 19 more!

Another covers mix is this DJ mashup with 32 tracks!

Wednesday was the Day of the Beatles, with their amazing-sounding remasters and Rock Band video game coming out. Beatles cover action has, needless to say, a bit stronger than usual. For you Brits, MOJO magazine‘s newest issue comes with a CD of Abbey Road covers. They’re excellent. Not as good are these Ten Beatles Covers That Are Worse Than Yours. Oh, Mrs. Miller…

Roseanne Cash has a new covers disc coming out with a cool backstory. When she was young her dad (some guy named John) gave her 100 songs he said she needed to learn to play. Well she did, and some of them are coming out on her new album The List. She’s premiering some via web stream on the 23rd.

Blogger Marc Cohen is setting up a website of 33-cent cover tunes. It doesn’t debut ’til November, but he’s asking for submissions now.

I mentioned last week that Beck’s latest is covers of the entire Songs of Leonard Cohen album. As that project unfolds, catch up on his last by downloading the full set of Velvet Underground & Nico takes.

Let the live cover rumpus begin! The Killers covered Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” with Wolfmother a few days ago, perhaps right as Britney Spears was covering “Ironic.” Even the latter was reportedly better than Katy Perry covering Queen at Bumbershoot.

Speaking of concerts, Nine Inch Nails performed live for the final time last night, busting out a couple Joy Division covers.

Emo-punks Paramore have been going cover-crazy in support of their latest release, first tackling Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” before moving on to buzz band Phoenix’s “Long Distance Call.”

A less annoying brand of glam-rock comes your way via Anberlin, who recently took on New Order’s “True Faith.” Pick it up for a buck here.

Muse has covered West Side Story‘s “America” as a VMA promo. They based their version on this 1968 gem by The Nice.

Not many people have noticed though — the TV world is too busy drooling over Glee. It’s a covers-friendly comedy and the cast talked to Rolling Stone about their favorite re-versions.

I’m a little sad “I Gotta Feeling” didn’t win our Cover Commissions poll, but this guy does a nice acoustic version. Well, nice until he’s tackled.

Where my Vashti Bunyan fans?? Hello? Anyone? Well apparently she’s the “Godmother of freak-folk” (I thought she was Paul Bunyan’s kid sister or something) and Fever Ray pay tribute.

This Week’s Submissions

Jer Coons – I Want You Back (Jackson 5)

David Gray – Friday I’m in Love (The Cure)

Orba Square – All Apologies (Nirvana)

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