Jul 262009

This Week’s News

First up, if you haven’t heard Jordan Galland’s new covers of Pulp’s “Bad Cover Version” and Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf,” check them out now!! They earned him a shout-out on RollingStone.com, so you know he’s done something right.

A couple cool covers up at SPIN from backstage at Bonnaroo. We’ve got Alberta Cross doing a John Lennon diss and Everest tackling a Crazy Horse obscurity. And be sure to read the finely-written descriptions…

I posted about the upcoming Marc Mulcahy tribute album a few weeks back, but the tracks have started coming out. The most-anticipated is clearly Thom Yorke’s contribution, and you can hear the Radiohead main man take on “All For the Best” here! Even better in my book is The National’s version of Polaris’ “Ashamed of the Story I Told.”

That National tune can also be got in Captain Obvious’ new covers mixtape. Always a good day when one of these comes out – thanks Cap’t!

Hot Chip fans and folk-pop fans can gather together to enjoy this “Ready for the Floor” cover from Lissy Trullie.

Beck continues to be a cover maniac, getting halfway through The Velvet Underground & Nico thus far at his website. Nice! Then you can get pumped for another upcoming album, Skip Spence’s Oar featuring Jeff Tweedy! Still wish he’d managed that Ace of Base disc though.

I love Springsteen covers almost as much as I love the originals, so a new 38-track tribute album by up-and-coming indie acts? Sign me up! It’s available here, with loads of free samples!

Ryan’s Smashing Life has uncovered a top-notch dance-funk “This Must Be the Place” cover which, paired with remade scenes from American Psycho is both fascinating and disturbing. A must-watch.

This Week’s Submissions

A Cappella – You Rock My World (Michael Jackson)

The Broken Chimneys – Ain’t Gonna Go to Hell for Anybody (Bob Dylan)

The Broken Chimneys – Changing of the Guards (Bob Dylan)

The Broken Chimneys – Don’t Fall Apart on Me Tonight (Bob Dylan)

The Broken Chimneys – She’s Your Lover Now (Bob Dylan)

M. Pyrees and the Moonwalkers – I’ll Be There (Jackson 5)

David Potts-Dupre – Ingrid Bergman (Woody Guthrie/Wilco/Billy Bragg)

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