Mar 112011

Becoming a Jackal dropped last May, but Villagers are still promoting it hard. Their latest round of touring has taken them by the BBC studios in London and Daytrotter’s barn shack in Rock Island, Illinois. Both occasions found frontman Conor J. O’Brien debuting a new acoustic cover. One selection proves more obvious than the other, but both turn out beautifully. Continue reading »

Jan 252011

Yes, we know 2010 ended a while ago, but the tributes just keep coming. The latest comes from Irish record label Quarter Inch Collective. They recruited their favorite artists to look back on 2010 with some covers on their new release Quompilation. Thirteen bands put their spin on 2010 hits (Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”) and indie gems (Villagers’ “Becoming a Jackal”). There’s the obligatory Kanye West nod, but generally the choices prove refreshingly unusual. Continue reading »