Dec 152011

Beachy buzz trio Tennis have a knack for picking just the right songs to cover. Back in June we heard them do Brenda Lee’s “Is It True” and they’ve just dropped another, a cover of “Tears in the Typing Pool.” Where Broadcast’s original was lo-fi and choppy, Tennis bring a lush sheen to this beautiful wash. Continue reading »

Aug 162011

Zombies are just about the only creepy creatures that haven’t made an appearance on HBO’s supernatural soap opera True Blood. That situation will be remedied with the release of the season three soundtrack, which includes not one but two covers of the The Zombies‘ 1964 single “She’s Not There.” Nick Cave and Neko Case kicked off the season with their creepy take on the track, and now San Francisco indie rockers L’Avventura are offering an equally creepy but otherwise very different version. Continue reading »

Jun 242011

America seems to be pretty much over the whole vampire craze, but True Blood returns Sunday night anyway and we’re glad it does. Why? Because the soundtrack features a cover of the Zombies’ “She’s Not There” from Nick Cave and Neko Case! If this is the show that recently rejected Delta Spirit’s cover of the same song, we see why they did so.

KCRW just premiered the track and you can listen over there. It’s more Cave than Case, dark and foreboding, menace seen through a slightly more polished lens. The tension keeps it interesting, though there may be one too many keyboard solos here.

Listen to Nick Cave and Neko Case’s “She’s Not There” over at KCRW. Update: Listen to the official stream below.

Nick Cave and Neko Case – She’s Not There (The Zombies cover)

Apr 282011

California indie-rockers Delta Spirit showed off their cover skills with a set of Tom Waits renditions for Daytrotter recently, and now they’re back with their take on The Zombies’ classic brit-pop hit “She’s Not There.”  According to their website, the band recorded the track at the request of an unnamed television show, but then decided to post it as a free download on their website instead. Continue reading »

Apr 182011

If you follow new music releases, you probably know that the Foo Fighters‘ latest record, Wasting Light, greeted the world this past Tuesday. If you really follow new music releases, you might also know that the Foos put out a second, far more exclusive record last week — Medium Rare, a 13-track collection of covers spanning their career. This was part of the promotional juggernaut known as Record Store Day, an annual happening designed to drive fans into local record stores (if they happen to have one around!). Continue reading »

Feb 072011

Every Wednesday (or Monday), our resident Gleek Eric Garneau gives his take on last night’s Glee covers.

Wow, what a game! Did you see the Green Bay Packers do all those things with the ball? But they just weren’t quite equal to the things which the Pittsburgh Steelers did, or maybe they were! What do you mean you don’t think I watched the Bowl? Those puppies were adorable!

Anyway. That most popular, prolific cover-creating machine in American culture known as Glee has returned with new episodes following a two month break. For their half-season kickoff, they scored the coveted post-Super Bowl timeslot, which has traditionally led already-popular television programs to incredibly high ratings. It’d probably be an exaggeration to suggest that the eyes of the world were on Glee last night, but it’s fair to say that a whole lot of people were watching. Continue reading »