Apr 122011

It seems that few folks in the US had heard of Jessie J when VEVO started advertising the premier of “Price Tag” on every music video you might try to watch. Just because you hadn’t heard of her, though, doesn’t mean you didn’t know her music. Born Jessica Cornish, the UK songstress co-wrote Miley Cyrus’s ubiquitous, hate-it-so-much-you-love-it “Party in the USA.”

In a grand mishmash of a music-loving Anglophile’s dream, Liverpool indie rockers The Wombats just performed a set on BBC’s Live Lounge. They were a bit elusive about what song they were planning to perform, but commented that they saw the song performed live and “her voice is just absolutely insane; her voice is unbelievable.” For anybody who is familiar with the pop tune – especially after the radio host guessed at Jessie or Gaga – it was a fair hint when one of the band members asked, “am I gonna do this coconut man thing?” Continue reading »