We first caught wind of Please, Please, Please: A Tribute To The Smiths back in March and next week it finally arrives. From the sound of the first three covers, it’ll be worth snagging. Continue reading »

A lot of big albums enjoyed big anniversaries this year. The 20-year pairing of Nevermind and Achtung Baby has sapped a lot of attention, but we’ve also seen tributes to the Strokes’ Is This It (age 10) and the Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead (age 25). Now we have another tribute to each of these albums, with a twist: each is international, showing the worldwide reach of both of these seminal bands.

The first is Is This Indie, a Strokes tribute from, of all places, Brazil. Collected by a pair of Sao Paulo music journalists, the collection brings together artists from seven states to pay tribute to the downtown scene. They tend to bridge the gap between South American rhythms and leather-jacket garage, injecting a little samba or handclaps in the familiar melodies. Download two sample tracks below, then grab the full set for the price of a tweet or Facebook post at RocknBeats. Continue reading »

Some of you might recognize British actress and songwriter Amelia Warner from her work on the silver screen, but after watching her music video in which she covers The Smiths‘ classic “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” it might be hard to remember her for anything but her delicate voice. Her debut album Renditions is being released December 12th under her nom-de-song Slow Moving Millie, so it seems fitting that her Smiths cover was chosen for this year’s John Lewis Christmas Advertisements, which have previously featured covers by Ellie Goulding and Taken By Trees. Continue reading »

You’ve probably never heard of Glowbug until now, but his new covers EP Covered in Lights Vol. 1 should get your attention. The Washington state producer crafts a warm ambient-dance pop that exhibits far more character than these hazy laptop productions generally muster. Over the course of four songs, he converts beloved alternative/indie songs and bands into his upbeat electronica. Oh, and best of all, it’s free. Continue reading »

pacificUV has been making their unique brand of low-key space rock for almost fifteen years. They’re preparing to release their third album in January, and are offering fans a preview with a new EP, titled Chrysalis. On the EP, which is available as a free download, they offer up remixes of tracks from the upcoming album as well as a take on The Smiths’ classic single “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want.” Continue reading »

Manchester trio The Whip took a long break between the 2008 release of their debut album, X Marks Destination, and follow-up record Wired Together, which drops on September 19. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t kept busy. Last year they recorded a series of covers for JD Set, including a take on Buzzcocks’ “You Say You Don’t Love Me” that found them collaborating with The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess and Mike Joyce of The Smiths. Continue reading »

After being signed to, and then unceremoniously dropped by, a major label, New York rock and roll quartet the Postelles finally released their long-delayed debut album last month. In all that time the music clearly built up, since they’ve already dropped a free follow-up: the Summer Undercovers EP. As implied by the title, it’s a set of covers that offer some old-fashioned summer fun. Continue reading »

Regular readers know that every Tuesday brings another installment in the A.V. Club’s terrific Undercover series. Bands show up in their round room and cover a song from a list. A simple premise that produces terrific results.

Today, though, the preeminent pop culture website is doing something different. In lieu of their normal routine, they recorded seven covers in various Chicago locations of songs having to do with summer. They’ll be posting these “Summer Breeze” covers all day and, as a result, we’ll be updating this post all day. Check back here or follow us on Twitter to see when more get added. Continue reading »

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