Feb 012017
chase gassaway

Back in 2012, the Lumineers’ “Ho Hey” was utterly and infuriatingly ubiquitous. Instantly catchy – and easily mockable – the song’s shouts and stomps quickly become a cliché as other bands tried to copy their and Mumford and Sons’ hit-making acoustic formula. Much like you can’t really blame Pearl Jam for Bush though, the Lumineers and Mumfords got more flack than they deserved for kickstarting that banjo-and-suspenders wave. And on a wonderful new cover, Austin’s Chase Gassaway redeems one of the songs that began it all.

His slow, contemplative version of “Ho Hey” doesn’t have a stomp in sight. Backed by little more than some shimmery guitar plucking and a female duet partner, his “Ho Hey” would be a lot easier to croon along to than holler. It’s the first taste of his upcoming covers album A Fly Can’t Bird and it shows he’s got a true talent for revitalizing even a song we weren’t sure we ever wanted to hear again. Continue reading »

Aug 012013

Fleetwood Mac recently wrapped up the US leg of their latest reunion and are currently touring in Europe, which has apparently fueled some covers creativity. Last week we heard UK singer Elsie’s somber take on Lindsey Buckingham’s sour ode to Stevie Nicks with “Go Your Own Way.” This week, the cover song is the same, but The Lumineers tackle it with an approach that is a little more energetic. Continue reading »

Jul 052013

Sometimes a cover comes out of nowhere, from an unexpected band or artist who gives the song a unique twist. In many cases, it just does not work. And in many cases it does – really well. Enter The Lumineers, who recently performed a cover of the Talking Heads song “This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)” on Jimmy Fallon. Taking on the Talking Head’s characteristic new wave sound, The Lumineers transform the 80’s song into a sweet sounding tune fit for today’s folk rock fans. Using their now-ubiquitous “ho hey” singing style, The Lumineers give David Byrne’s staccato vocals a new twist, particularly on the “hi yo” that David Byrne sings throughout the song. Continue reading »

Apr 082013

It’s not often that we describe anything here as “adorable,” but we’ll make an exception every so often. That being said, it seems wrong to use the word, for fear that it patronizes or that it downplays massive talent – and massive talent is precisely what the Stella sisters, Lennon and Maisie, have. Continue reading »