Jul 302012

Upon learning about The Darkness covering Radiohead’s “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” from The Bends, one thing immediately came to mind: two genres that have no business being anywhere near each other. Let’s look at the parts. On one side there’s Radiohead, appealing to the abstract doom-and-gloom in us all as we battle our objections to capitalism and think about dying. Completely contrary to that is The Darkness. (You do remember them, right? They believe in a thing called love. And they’re releasing a comeback album.) They’re primarily about having fun, most likely never once thinking about globalization. And, usually, never the twain shall meet. Continue reading »

Aug 022011

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ben folds cover songs

A real argument can be made that, in a couple decades’ time, Ben Folds will be seen as one of the key singer-songwriters of our generation (that is, if he’s not yet claimed that position). His flawless blending of painful honesty and quirky humor speak to legions of fans in a way that few artists can manage, and the sheer breadth of his various projects and collaborations (recording an album with author Nick Hornby, a permanent judge spot on NBC’s The Sing-Off, the impressive 8-in-8 experiment with Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer and Damian Kulash) ensure that we won’t be getting bored of him anytime soon. Continue reading »