Dec 132011

It’s that time again when everyone’s putting the final touches on their Christmas lists, but all of our favorite musicians are always a step ahead at this time of year. There has been no shortage of Christmas covers appearing all over the internet in the last few weeks, and they will surely continue for a couple weeks more. This early Christmas gift comes in the form of a digital 7” put out by alternative-rock band The Dandy Warhols. Continue reading »

Sep 012011

This summer we’ve seen a lot of covers of “Rolling in the Deep.” That makes perfect sense. It’s a hugely popular song that resonated with people on a deeper emotional level than Top 40 tracks often do. However, we’ve also seen quite a few covers of a second song without such an obvious explanation. It’s Bob Dylan’s “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” and, for no reason we can figure, everyone seems to be covering it these days. Continue reading »

Jun 282011

Take one part punk, mix in one part glam, one part heavy metal and a whole lot of teenage sass and you get the perfect rock’n’roll band: The Runaways. Remarkably young – the oldest members of the band were 17 upon the release of their eponymous first record – the band dissolved amongst a haze of drug abuse and musical differences after four studio albums. Joan Jett continued to hold the punk torch post-breakup, building a successful career backed by the Blackhearts. Now indie rock’n’punk connoisseurs Main Man Records have compiled an extensive two-disc tribute celebrating the music of the Runaways.

The release is not without controversy. Jett and singer Cherie Currie have sued to block the release complaining that the label has used their names to promote the album without permission. Somewhat fitting given that in their time the stories that swirled around the band often overshadowed the music they made. Continue reading »

Nov 122010

At Cover Me, we like to give stuff away. Read on to learn how that stuff can be yours.

What a treat we have for you today! It’s the biggest giveaway we’ve ever done and, in all likelihood, the biggest we’ll ever do. We’ve got red vinyl! We’ve got blue vinyl! We’ve got CDs! We’ve got hoodies! We’ve got t-shirts! We’ve got a heaping stack of fantastic goodies based around the album New Tales to Tell: A Tribute to Love and Rockets. Read on to find out how you can be one of 20 winners! Continue reading »