Apr 202011

Never one to tread a straight line, Neil Young reported in the liner notes his 1977 compilation Decade that after the success of Harvest, he “headed for the ditch” out of boredom. Now Universal Electricity pays homage to Young’s ditch ethic with a compilation of indie artists covering his songs. No playing it safe here: these covers range from the unconventional to the downright bizarre. Continue reading »

Mar 102011

Pink Floyd‘s The Dark Side of the Moon symbolizes a bygone era in music when the album was king, record companies made money and you could only steal music by stuffing an LP under your jacket in a record store. The album spent over 14 years on the Billboard album charts and, 38 years after its release, still moves 9,000 copies on a slow week! Both The Flaming Lips and the Easy Star All-Stars have recently paid tribute by covering the record in its entirety. Continue reading »