Jan 312011

Last year’s remake of the Karate Kid came and went pretty quickly. If that franchise cash-in failed though, another recent Kid throwback continues to inspire nostalgia. It’s Bat for Lashes’ song “Daniel.” Though she’s never officially confirmed that song concerns the beloved 1984 film, on the cover of the single she sports a tattoo of protagonist Daniel LaRusso. The lyrics stray a bit from the plot, true, but this could still soundtrack a solid training montage.

Something for Kate singer Paul Dempsey mused on the Karate Kid connection when he covered the song yesterday for Australia’s Triple J radio. “If this song is from the perspective of Mr. Miyagi, it’s really creepy,” Dempsey notes. His falsetto keeps things more positive, bouncing off the understated “Daniel” backing chorus for a fun cover that veers away from the original’s pop production without losing the instantly-catchy groove. Continue reading »