Aug 232011

It’s not very often that a musician finds their fame in after the age of 60. Enter Steven Gene Wold, also known as Seasick Steve, a man who has been part of the music industry all of his life but only became a full-time musician 10 years ago. He just released his fifth studio album, You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, and accompanies it with a new Third Man Records 7″ featuring two Mississippi Fred McDowell covers. Continue reading »

Jul 112011

Nearly 70, usually dressed in overalls, and favoring a three-stringed secondhand guitar, American blues musician Seasick Steve is probably the most unlikely rock star on the planet. But that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a certified phenomenon. He’s played the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, appeared on Top Gear, and, earlier this month, joined Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones in front of a sold out crowd. In spite of a grueling schedule of festival gigs in the U.K., Steve managed to find time to record a cover of “Go to Hell” for the covers disc that accompanies Scandinavian indie poppers Billie the Vision and the Dancers’ new Best Of compilation. Continue reading »