Nov 042010

A lot of the most-covered songs of 2010 are predictable: “Tik Tok.” “Teenage Dream.” “Fuck You.” But one dark horse keeps popping its head up: Peter Gabriel’s 1986 “Mercy Street.” Why this song? Why now? Sure, Gabriel’s recent covers album explains a spate of Gabriel covers, but “Mercy Street” is hardly one of his most famous songs. Heck, it isn’t even one of the most famous songs on the eight-tune album from which it originates!

Maybe it was only a matter of time before this song earned its place in the sun, though. Elbow first shined the light on “Mercy Street,” in a harmony-heavy companion to Gabriel’s cover of their “Mirrorball.” Fever Ray followed it up with a far spookier version a couple months ago. Now Los Angeles keyboardist/producer Spotlight, Floodlight bridges the spooky-pretty divide with a jangling synth crawl. Rob Dickinson of the Catherine Wheel assists on vocals. Stream and download it below. Continue reading »