Sep 232011

Nevermind turns 20 tomorrow and the Nirvana covers celebrations just keep coming. Two days ago, we heard the whole album covered by a lineup of Seattle all-stars. Now, music blog Beached Miami brings together another full-album set. Nevermind Miami features all Miami artists and the clear standout is Rachel Goodrich tackling “Territorial Pissings.” Continue reading »

Jun 102011

Rachel Goodrich seems to have a taste for the oldies these days – oldies in the back-in-the-day sense of the word, before the radio stations falling under that umbrella could have ever claimed the ’80s. Earlier this week, she released a cover of Johnny Cash‘s 1955 classic, “Folsom Prison Blues,” and yesterday she returned with the 1965 Shangri-Las hit, “Out In the Streets.” Continue reading »

Jan 212011

Quickies rounds up new can’t-miss covers. Download ‘em below.

• For years being in an Apple ad was the pinnacle of sell-out success. But what about all those other smart phones? Surely they deserve their own indie-breakout soundtracks. Well, Rachel Goodrich’s Micachu and the Shapes cover was featured in a Blackberry ad last month! The song? “Golden Phone.” Here’s hoping that pays the bills.
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