Mar 262012

Last we checked in with Portland Cello Project, they were getting their hip-hop on with Kanye West’s “All of the Lights.” They’ve now continued the trend, but mixed a little Jigga into the mix with their new cover of Jay-Z and Kanye’s collab “H.A.M.” It adds flutes, brass, and crashing percussion to the classical-gone-crunk blend. Continue reading »

Jan 282011

Hip-hop and cello may seem like strange bedfellows to most, but not to the Portland Cello Project. The group, who describe themselves as an “amorphous collective,” formed in 2007 and record for Kill Rock Stars – home to The Decemberists, Gossip and Bikini Kill. They perform a mixture of originals and genre-crossing orchestral covers. And it doesn’t get much more genre-crossing than this. Continue reading »