Dec 152010

Details are still scant on Amanda Palmer‘s new album Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, but we’ve confirmed that it includes two covers. The songs were all inspired by Australia, so she sings tunes by two native-born musicians: Nick Cave and Peter Jeffries. The record drops on Australia Day (which, as I’m sure you all know, is January 26th).

“I’m putting a record out in just a little more than a month and I’ve been very secretive about it,” she said at a live show Sunday. “It’s a collection of songs I either wrote in or [was inspired to write by] Australia and New Zealand.”

In addition to Aussie-themed songs like “The Vegemite Song” and “Map of Tasmania” (which features gloriously NSFW art), Palmer includes covers by two musicians from down under. To try to keep peace in the southern hemisphere, she selected one from Australia and one from New Zealand. Continue reading »