Aug 222011

As a 19-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mac Miller has reached levels of success his peers would probably die for. A college campus tour he finished this past spring with fellow Pittsburgh rapper, Wiz Khalifa, can be counted amongst his most recent accomplishments. And “Donald Trump,” the first single released from his mixtape, Best Day Ever, has reached over 21 million views on YouTube, which may have helped catch the eye of Neon Hitch. The emerging British pop artist follows up her Khalifa cover with another equally eye-catching video for “Donald Trump.” Continue reading »

Aug 022010

Learning the origins of artist names is always interesting. Some musicians borrow from an artistic inspiration (Bob Dylan from Dylan Thomas). Others go for weird sex stuff (Captain Beefheart from…something gross). The story of singer Neon Hitch is better than most, because there is no story. Neon Hitch is her real name! Born to a family of traveling street performers, Hitch pretty much had to become a musician with a name like that. I mean, can you imagine applying for a loan from Assistant Bank Manager Neon Hitch or getting a physical from Dr. Neon Hitch, PhD?

Having written hits for Ke$ha and 3Oh!3, Neon is recording her debut for a 2011 release. In the meantime, she’s circulating a Snoop Dogg cover, a cover so good Mr. Dogg (not his real name) tweeted it, giving it the high praise of “im def fealn this.” You’ll def feal this too. Continue reading »