Jun 152015
the doors tribute

During the six years Jim Morrison was alive and leading vocals for The Doors, 1965-1971, the group produced six albums. That is quite a feat, especially given the number of singles and hits they produced. The Doors’ music has lived on and tribute albums and covers have been made. The latest tribute from May comes from Murder Studios Presents. The nineteen cover songs each lend their own unique sound to decades-old songs that seem to never expire. Continue reading »

Sep 232010

Under the Radar shines a light on lesser-known cover artists. If you’re not listening to these folks, you should. Catch up on past installments here.

Bass + Drum – Guitar = All Rock.

That’s how singer Ivan Russia describes Mr Russia: Guitar-less rock and roll. A conceit like that might color every aspect of the music – a one-trick band, so to speak – but it doesn’t. In fact, you forget it pretty quickly. The tunes stomp along on their own momentum with what the Chicago Sun-Times’ Jim DeRogatis called “a slash-and-burn mix of adrenaline and melody.”

Add a touch of spooky glam and you’ve got killer cover-song potential. The trio delivers. They’ve appeared on tribute albums to David Bowie, Radiohead, and Nick Cave. For each they prepared a video using found or filmed footage (similar to what we saw from The Peptides). For “Boys Keep Swinging,” a faceless girl cryptically explores her apartment. “The National Anthem” (the Radiohead song) blends public-domain footage of girls dancing with creepy A-bomb PSAs. Finally, The Birthday Party’s “Wild World” uses footage from a ’60s zombie film called Carnival of Souls (yes, it is streaming on Netflix). Continue reading »