Jun 032014

Known primarily as a key member of the band Metric, Emily Haines’ solo work includes Knives Don’t Have Your Back, a beautiful, haunting and eerie album released in 2006. Often sparse, just Haines and her piano, atmospheric sounds and additional instruments wander in and out. There is a coherent, consistent vibe throughout the record. Continue reading »

Jan 172013

Although Canadian new wave band Metric have been kicking it since 1998, they only recently were featured on VH1’s You Oughta Know segment that features “up and coming” bands – or, you know, bands that are just starting to get a little more mainstream. In support of the band’s fifth full length album, Synthetica, the band released a true-to-form cover of Morrissey‘s “Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself.” Continue reading »

Oct 162012

LP, who delivered that amazing “Halo,” covers the Mars Volta on ukulele. As if that wasn’t weird enough…it was performed in a bat cave (quietly, I would imagine).
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Jan 132011

Buffalo Springfield finally reunited last year for two shows, and they’re rumored to be planning a full tour. So what better time to dust off the old LPs and find a song to cover? That’s just what indie pop favorites Metric did, pulling “Expecting to Fly” from the archives. Neil Young and co. didn’t play the song during the reunion shows; here’s hoping they revive it themselves on tour. Continue reading »