Nov 172010

We last heard from Marc with a C with his acoustic rendition of Weird Al’s “Good Enough for Now.” That song came off Marc’s Share the Covers, Bitch! (Part Two) his pay-what-you-want cover disc (get it here). That album only dropped this past January, but next month he returns with Part Three! It finds him covering everything from the ubiquitous “Bed Intruder Song” to “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” (both available here). Now Cover Me premieres another track from the disc. Marc sent us a lengthy introduction that explains the song’s genesis. Continue reading »

Oct 222010

Song of the Day posts one cool cover every morning. Catch up on past installments here.

One year and three days ago, Cover Me posted one of our most popular posts up to that time. We rounded up fifteen of our favorite “Weird Al” covers. After Al tweeted a link to his 1,500,000 followers, well, let’s just say Blogspot was less than thrilled with the strain on their servers. In that post, we included Throwing Toasters’ cover of “Good Enough for Now.” They did the Polka Party! should-be-a-classic solo acoustic, with a touch of country twang. Well, in honor of Al’s birthday tomorrow, we’ve got another version of the tune to share. On his new Share the Covers, Bitch (Part Two), Marc with a C opens with “Good Enough.” What starts as another simple acoustic ditty slowly expands with harmonies, shaker, and mandolin.

Incidentally, it’s patently unfair that “Good Enough for Now” is clearly a comedy record, but people play Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are”—which has the exact same message—at their weddings. How is a song about lowered expectations romantic? Better than playing “Every Breath You Take” I suppose, but still. Continue reading »