Jul 202010

Wow, where to begin on this one? So Lindsay Lohan began her 90-day prison sentence today. At this point Lindsay Lohan clashing with the law elicits as much surprise as Mel Gibson’s 217th racist audio tape. She deserves no more sympathy than ol’ Mel, but now she’s got the next best thing: a tribute album.

This free mixtape isn’t a bunch of preteens singing karaoke either. No, it’s about as far from that as humanly possible. These bands all fall into the category of “witch house,” a new genre Pitchfork explored in a vaguely unsettling feature. It’s like dance beats slowed way down, heard through a haze of smoke and cough syrup. Lindsay Lohan would presumably hate this music, which may be part of the joke. Tri Angle Records just released the free six-song compilation, issuing the following statement:

Inspired in part by Lindsay Lohan’s grotesquely fascinating black hole existence and in part by my unwavering belief in the power of pop music as an artform, I saw an opportunity to create something interesting with her music, and decided to ask some friends to reinterpret some of Lindsay’s songs. “Tri Angle Records Presents: Let Me Shine For You” is the result. Even though we are all fond of Lindsay in our own ways, there is no FREE LINDSAY agenda here. We all love pop music and this is merely an experiment. All of our intentions are very sincere.

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