Oct 132011

As far as women in music go, Emmylou Harris and Cher represent two far ends of the spectrum. One is a respected stateswoman of country music, and the other…is Cher. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper has covered both, though, and somehow makes them sound of a piece. We heard the excellent Emmylou Harris cover a few months back, but the new Cher cover proves much more surprising. Continue reading »

Jun 282011

Aly Spaltro performs as Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, a name that might make you imagine a sensitive folkie strumming a guitar and singing songs about hydrangeas. Live, though, she shreds and shrieks just as much as she croons and ponders, performing shifting seven-minute songs that go from loud to soft to even louder in an instant. Coming from the diminutive performer, it presents an engagingly jarring contrast. Continue reading »