Sep 222010

Lord knows we’re no strangers to “Bad Romance” covers. We’ve seen it done, with varying degrees of competence, by Courtney Love, Joseph Gordan-Levitt, Lissie, Corey TuT, and Garden on a Trampoline. Well, London buzz band Klaxons give us another take and it just might be the best one yet. The trio recorded it for cover-happy Australian radio program Like a Version (whose cover compilations are must-buys). They strip it back, which is pretty much the only way to cover Lady Gaga. That choral intro is truly a thing of beauty. The whispered bridge ain’t bad either.

“I feel like she’s the ultimate pop star,” lead singer Jamie Reynolds said on air. “She’s raised the bar and made it difficult…to come along and be a pop star in this day and age. She’s really gone and done it.” Continue reading »