Jul 092015

For John Heart Jackie duo Peter Murray and Jennie Wayne, covers are by far unknown territory – the Portland pair first met when they collaborated on a number of Sam Cooke tunes, and with this take on the Stevie Nicks classic “Wild Heart,” they show their prowess on cover grounds.

John Heart Jackie’s “Wild Heart” revels in its thumping drums, nimble guitar plucking and Wayne’s honeyed vocals. The charming indie folk duo gracefully work their way through this ‘80s classic, showing off warm vibes in a delicious slow burn cover which starts  mellow before culminating in a gentle frenzy of chills-inducing harmony.

Listen to John Heart Jackie here.

Oct 172011

Jennie Wayne and Peter Murray, hailing from Portland, Oregon and best known as the indie-folk duo John Heart Jackie, have earned a reputation from extensive touring of the northwest and their fantastic debut LP We are Gold Mounds, which came out in 2010. While they usually pair their warm, mellow sound and gorgeous vocals with sparse, elegant songwriting, they show their versatility on their recent cover of Prince’s 1980 single “When You Were Mine,” released as a free download on their Bandcamp page. Continue reading »