Jul 052011

Since the release of Adele‘s album 21 in February, hundreds, if not thousands, of covers have been released. While most of them haven’t come close to capturing the raw emotion of Adele’s tracks, there have been some interesting takes on her tracks of heartbreak and betrayal (one of my favorites has been Jamie Woon’s “Someone Like You”). Now Jackson Harris has released his take of a lover scorned by releasing a video of Adele’s smash ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Continue reading »

Jun 102010

Jay-Z’s New York anthem proved ubiquitous in the last half of 2009, the Alicia Keys hook blasting from every tourist joint, taxi cab, and ballpark in the city. It’s a strange mix of thug bravado and American-dream inspirational message. One moment Jay-Z reveals the location of his old drug dealing stash spot, the next he’s big-upping Frank Sinatra. It’s a street-level anthem from a man who’s seen the city from the top and bottom, pairing the chorus’ soaring optimism with the verses’ grit and grime.
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