Oct 302013

Rookie Magazine is an online zine largely ran by and created for teenage girls and headed by wünderkind Tavi Gevinson. One of Gevinson’s superpowers is scoping out cool new and under the radar bands to perform the “theme song” for the publication each month. For the month of October, Rookie snagged New York art punks Ava Luna to perform a cover of Icona Pop‘s infectious “I Love It.” Continue reading »

Jun 142013

Every summer has its songs, and there’s no denying that Icona Pop’s “I Love It” is among the biggest of 2013. There’s a degree of youthful, reckless, incomprehensibility to the song, a sheen of glittery grit that makes it perfect for the humid restlessness of summer. Leavves takes all of this and covers it in kaleidoscopic dreampop and heavy drums, distilling and morphing the song into a different breed of summer jam, something that feels less like racing through city streets and more like late (but no less manic) nights under boardwalk neon. Continue reading »