Dec 022010

Pretty much every record in Radiohead’s discography can be – and has been – argued to be their best. Well, all save one. Even devout Radiohead fans (and is there any other kind?) generally dismiss Pablo Honey. In the Radiohead story, it tends to be relegated to “the one with ‘Creep’.” Radiohead themselves seem to have largely disowned it, having dropped the songs – “Creep” included – from setlists.

Is the critical consensus surrounding Pablo Honey worth revising? Maybe not. But that makes these two covers all the more impressive. Philadelphia folk collective Hezekiah Jones unearthed two album cuts that many had all but forgotten. Jaunty banjo propels “Stop Whispering” while plaintive vocals unearth the lonely self-pity in “Thinking about You.” Slowcoustic debuted them back in June, but if you missed them like we did, they’re worth digging up. Download ’em below. Continue reading »