Jul 292011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

This week’s Bandcamp spotlight takes inspiration from Bollywood and the Boss, Brooklyn and Buenos Aires. Whether you’re into post-rock roar or delicate folk harmonies, these five tunes should be all you need to get through the weekend. Continue reading »

May 132011

This Week on Bandcamp rounds up our favorite covers to hit the site in the past seven days.

Today’s set features covers of a couple hairy-dude bands, a couple beautiful blonde singers, and Bloc Party, who are in some other category (pretty-scruffy/hipster-alternative maybe). Download ‘em all below. Continue reading »

May 122011

Traditional folk music consists of a library of songs, passed between performers and down generations, with no real, identified songwriter. Each performer would change the lyrics and arrangements to suit themselves, or out of failures of memory. Only since Bob Dylan popped on the scene did the focus change from the performer to the songwriter. Continue reading »

Mar 252011

“White Winter Hymnal,” by Fleet Foxes, is a song bursting with the potential for interpretation, with the feeling that it belongs to everybody who approaches it. It seems as though every time it is covered, the artist’s sheer presence and existence is as much of an instrument on the track as their voice or guitar. It is somehow both delicate and primal, and Kina Grannis taps into this as distinctly as Oh Land did on her recent cover. Continue reading »

Mar 082011

Robin Pecknold, the front man for the folksy wonders, Fleet Foxes, is quite the indie darling. After releasing a critically acclaimed EP and full length with his band, he went on tour with Joanna Newsom as a solo act, recording a few songs in the process. Now he has an album coming out in May with his band, but that didn’t stop him from releasing a few gems yesterday. Continue reading »

Feb 022011

“White Winter Hymnal,” by Fleet Foxes, is a song that deserves its title, being at once joyful and serene. Where the original reminds you of a snow-covered landscape, though, Oh Land’s new cover of the song feels more like running through the woods as the snow melts and the sun begins to break through. The cover replaces the acoustic guitar rhythm with a persistent, heavy drumbeat and its pace gradually escalates. The alterations come together beautifully and bring a fitting energy to the song. Continue reading »