Sep 262011

When we last checked in with jj, we mentioned that R&B covers were sort of their thing. That was 2010 though. This fall, they’ve gone ‘80s pop-rock. Their latest cover finds singer Elin Kastlander gently plucking an acoustic guitar to the Outfield‘s biggest (only) hit “Your Love.” Instead of tweaked-out production and reverb-soaked vocals, it’s a plaintive folksy ballad that is absolutely heart-melting. And it’s performed in a spa to boot. Continue reading »

Dec 172010

ceo – aka Eric Berglund, one half of Sweden’s the Tough Alliance – has pop music nailed. His songs with the Tough Alliance brought Caribbean rhythms to electro-pop, and on his debut solo album released earlier this year, he generally maintained a similar sound. In an interview with Pitchfork, he revealed his love of pop translated into a solid understanding of what a pop song needs. While he claims he doesn’t keep up with new music, at some point some Beyoncé must have found its way into his hands. On the b-side of his recently released 7″ single for his track “Illuminata,” he takes on her soaring anthem, “Halo.” Continue reading »