Jul 152011

When you have a dance track that is as ubiquitous as Daft Punk’s “Around The World,” it can be difficult to cover. Fortunately for us, the Washington D.C.-based duo Benoit & Sergio divert the tune from its original upbeat feel to a sexy electrofunk jam. It’s barely recognizable, and all the better for it. Watch a city-scene music video for it below.

Talking with Dazed Digital, the band said, “we would never try to redo or ‘compete’ with a track like ‘Around the World.’ Our cover is so far away. This is a fragile electrofunk take on a really happy dance track.” Played along with a stop-motion video that quite literally takes you around the world, its casual, almost groggy feel is reminiscent of the morning after the night you spent dancing too hard to the original song. Continue reading »