Jun 072010

Glee sells millions of albums by turning mainstream songs into Broadway glitz. Songs from Musicals goes the other way and, though it may not hit the iTunes top slot (the fact that it’s free can’t help sales), I’ll take folksy covers on Jesus Christ Superstar over choreographed Journey any day.

James Eric aka. Garden on a Trampoline put the comp together, which you can download for free at CLLCT. Selections range from classics (The Wizard of Oz’s “If I Only Had a Brain”) to lesser-knowns (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ “Sobbin’ Women”). Carlz Barkley’s ukulele take on “Something There” from Beauty and the Beast is a particular gem, as is G.O.A.T.’s bouncy “Moving Right Along” from the Muppet Movie. Check out both tracks below.
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