Mar 292011

Not many songs get dedicated to Colonel Gaddafi these days, but Australian singer Andy Bull goes way out on a limb by keeping the beset dictator in mind during his soulful cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” While he quickly, and hilariously, recants his misguided homage, he still belts out a version of the Tears for Fears song that could lift the spirits of even a failing despot. Well, “belts out” might be misleading: Bull’s voice is more of a chirp. Think Perry Farrell, but on-key. Bull and his friends slow the song down slightly so that it shuffles; keep the heavy, gated reverb on the drums; and let the synths take a whispering backseat. This allows Bull the room to let his R & B-styled singing amble around, sometimes dragging far enough behind the rest of the song to almost come off the tracks. Continue reading »