Dec 072011

Covering the Black Keys is no easy task. Their 2010 album Brothers was massively well-received by fans and critics all over the world, and Rolling Stone put their single “Everlasting Light” at number 11 on their best singles of 2010 list. To even venture into the realm of the Keys grunge rock sound you’ve got to be pretty comfortable in your cover song skin. Comfortable might be an understatement when describing cover song veteran Alex Winston, though, whose Basement Covers EP featured covers of Mumford & Sons and The Rolling Stones. She just released her cover of the Keys song “Everlasting Light” in honor of both the release of the Keys’ newest CD El Camino, and to celebrate the recent announcement that her first album will be dropping in March of 2012. Continue reading »

Nov 122010

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According to her record company bio, Detroit-native Alex Winston trained classically in opera, though listeners may be hard pressed to find any hint of this on her new EP. If you are expecting Susan Boyle Does Indie, look elsewhere. The multi-talented Winston recorded the EP by herself in her basement, playing all of the instruments. Her voice dominates: child-like, fragile, almost sounding like one of those kids from Village of the Damned, and yet oddly compelling. Continue reading »