Aug 062018
superorganism covers

We watch a lot of radio session videos here, and they tend to be visually uninspired. They represent, after all, afterthoughts. A BBC Live Lounge or Triple J “Like a Version” session is intended for, primarily, the radio. Superorganism’s new cover for Triple J represents a wonderful exception to the norm, a zany and unexpected mashup as fun to watch as it is to hear.

The buzzy UK collective took on Post Malone’s top-ten hit “Congratulations,” and cleverly blended it with MGMT’s 2010’s song of the same name. Despite the band being seven members strong, the performance offers relatively little instrumentation. Sitting on a carpet like kids chilling in their dorm room, half the members seem to be there solely to add harmonies and hand claps. Even if you’ve heard neither of the “Congratulations” songs they’re covering, it’s a creative and fun performance that breaks entirely out of the mold for these sorts of sessions. Watch the video below.

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