Apr 172018
kendra morris virgin

No stranger to an exquisitely crafted cover song, Kendra Morris is back with a nuanced version of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” that was just released as the B-side of her new single “Playing Games.” With her cover song mettle already on display with her 2013 release Mockingbird, Morris ramps up her game even more on her new release.

Scaling back the title to simply “Virgin” the song is transformed right before your very ears from a poppy fun dancefest to sultry bedroom-noir with the help of funk musician DaM FunK and his ambient swirling synthesizer interludes. As is the case with some of the best of cover songs, it takes a couple of beats to fully recognize the tune. It’s worth the wait; it’s hard to avoid smiling once you catch onto what she’s doing here.

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