Feb 062017

Departing markedly from the post-punk stylings of The Strokes, Julia Jacklin’s new cover of “Someday” is nostalgic and wistful. Much of the low key feel is due to the super slow tempo, allowing Jacklin the time to dwell on every word. Her syrupy sweet voice delivers a soda shop worthy 50’s jukebox classic and the guitar is bright and gently strummed, a far cry from the frantic fuzzy haze of the original. The drummer’s choice to hang mostly on cymbals rather than drive the beat with the snare encourages the listener to sit back and groove.

Jacklin is a classically trained vocalist who has spent extensive time exploring the nuances of her voice. Jacklin’s 2016 album Don’t Let the Kids Win stays decidedly in this vein of classic rock a la The Ronettes. That dedication to her craft is apparent in the polished and confident delivery of her original songs as well as her covers. Check out her new version of “Someday” below, recorded for Australia’s “Like a Version” radio show.

You can find the full tour list and more on her website: http://www.juliajacklin.com

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