Sep 162015

Fifth in a string of record-tying Top 10 singles released from the massively successful Born In The U.S.A, “Glory Days” remains a Bruce Springsteen cornerstone – a thumping, nostalgia-inducing tune sprawling with upbeat guitar riffs, playful synth lines and honky-tonk piano.

With this latest cover, Lancaster-based duo Sympathy and The Lion transform the ‘80s classic into an elegant keyboard lament – taking Springsteen’s powerhouse anthem apart and stripping it down to an intimate rendition dripping with bittersweet piano phrases that leave you in acute pangs of nostalgia.

The alt-folk pair, John Shavel and Michael Burke, posted the song on their Facebook page, writing “When I turn 50, I’m gonna stop what I’m doing and start playing Springsteen songs on the piano at the local pub.”

If even half the Springsteen covers they play will be as haunting as the one here, you can count on me to be at that pub the minute that moment comes.

Check more from the band out here>.

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