Jul 142015
miguel rivera

Miguel Rivera is an online guitar teacher from the Zaragoza province of Spain. The first time I heard of him was a couple of years back when I did a YouTube search to find how to play “Layla”. Unfortunately, he only taught the “Unplugged” version, not the official Derek & The Dominos version I was searching for. Still, I have come back to his YouTube channel quite a few times to learn various songs or blues techniques. (The lessons are in Spanish, so you might want to take some Spanish lessons before visiting.)

Lately, Miguel – Spanish for “Michael” – has taken social media by storm with his cover of a song made famous by another Michael: “Beat It”.  (He even includes a mini Eddie Van Halen-esque solo.)

I know what I will be doing with my last month of my summer vacation from school.  I will be watching this video over and over again to try to learn to play this.

Check out Miguel Rivera on his website and on Facebook.

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  1. New favorite thing! God, what an incredible guitarist.

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