Mar 192015

Almost exactly two decades ago, English quintet Radiohead released their iconic sophomore album The Bends – an album sprawling with angst-laden instrumentation, haunted melodies and a sound that cemented them as one of Britain’s undisputed Greats.

20 years later, the album is as relevant as it was at birth, with Kathryn Joseph covering “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” this month, alt J’s Thom Green reflecting on its inevitable influence, and Radiohead’s Philip Selway offering insight into “The Bends” era.

The Lancaster-based trip-hop trio Second Sky pair up with New York native Dani Mari in paying tribute to the album, delivering stellar takes on “Nice Dream” and “Talk Show Host.” The band’s dreamy downtempo vibes fuse well with Mari’s eerie vocals, culminating in an infectiously chill homage to the English five-piece.

Listen to Dani Mari here and check out Second Sky here.

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