Mar 052015

Brandi Carlile releases her fifth album The Firewatcher’s Daughter this week, and after 11 original tracks, she closes with a cover of The Avett Brothers‘ “Murder in the City.” She first performed the track live last October on the day the Supreme Court temporarily blocked several states’ same-sex marriage bans. Carlile, who identifies as a lesbian and has a wife and young daughter, made several key lyric changes. Where the original’s final verse mentions sisters and mothers, Carlile sings:

Make sure my wife knows I loved her
Make sure my daughter knows the same
Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name

The fleshed-out version on the album features stirring backing vocals and swelling strings. It’s not wildly different than the original, but she performs it beautifully and you can’t argue with the sentiment behind it. Listen below. (via Garden and Gun)

Check out more Brandi Carlile at her website.

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