Feb 052015

Wharfer’s music typically gets described using words like “sparse,” “haunting,” and “bedroom” (in the sense of where it was recorded, not where it would make a good soundtrack to). And though he says his upcoming second album will be more fleshed-out, his new EP of Flatlanders cover very much fits that initial mold.

Wharfer aka. Kyle Wall draws exclusively from the debut album One Road More of the pioneering alt-country trio of Butch Hancock, Joe Ely, and Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Rough guitar and his off-kilter vocals bring a hushed intimacy to the proceedings, stripping down what were already reasonable rudimentary songs to their absolute barebones essentials. Listen below. (via Wondering Sound)

Check out more Wharfer at Bandcamp.

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  1. strips.
    it’s “strips.”
    not stripes.

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