Feb 102015

If you were in high school and madly in love around the time Juno came out in 2007, you are familiar with Cat Power‘s rendition of Phil Phillips’ 1959 hit, “Sea of Love.” The ballad has been covered by the likes of The Honeydrippers, Iggy Pop, and Tom Waits. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Scottish fuzz rock trio PAWS has delivered their own sweet, lo-fi version of the classic love song.

The cover is part of a compilation called Under The Covers that Fuzzkill Records is putting out for the Hallmark holiday. All of the proceeds from the compilation go to Greater Maryhill Foodbank and CLAN cancer support – talk about feeling good and lovey dovey about yourself. Be sure to listen to the cover (and other great covers by the likes by The Bellybuttons, Catholic Action, and more) and support some local Scottish charities by purchasing the mixtape.

Listen to more PAWS on the band’s website.

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