Feb 242015

Say what you will about Adam Sandler‘s recent film offerings, but The Wedding Singer is still a solid comedy. Not only did the movie have a killer ’80s soundtrack, but it also boasted an original song by Sandler’s character Robbie Hart. “Somebody Kill Me” is an oddly endearing song, despite the subject matter. LVL UP has taken The Cure-inspired track and covered it for the Father/Daughter compilation Faux Real II.

The Brooklyn rockers bring the song to full-breakup-anthem status. The compilation album, which also features covers of “Killer Tofu” from Doug and “Threshold” by Sex Bomb-omb of Scott Pilgrim origin, was rejected from this year’s Record Store Day for not being “compelling enough.” Clearly the people pulling the strings at RSD didn’t hear this track.

Check out more from LVL UP on the band’s Facebook page.

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