Jan 282015

When John Fahey-esq acoustic guitar virtuoso William Tyler delivered a covers session for Aquarium Drunkard, most of the choices were understandable ones for a fingerpicker: Ry Cooder, Blaze Floley, and a track from a compilation of rare solo guitar performances. The final one was a left-turn though: Blue Ösyter Cult. Specifically, an obscure track called “She’s As Beautiful As A Foot” from their relatively unsuccessful debut LP.

“Buck Dharma is probably my favorite all time rock guitarist, and whenever I want to mess with people a little who aren’t familiar with the mightiness of BOC, I put on their first album and let it roll without explaining who it is,” he said. “All credit for this cover goes to Mr. James Mcnew who played me the album about four years ago on tour and got me hooked.”

Hear it below, and get the full session over at Aquarium Drunkard.

Check out more William Tyler at his website.

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  1. Wow! BOC’ first album was brilliant and under appreciated. I’m not in love with this version of the song but kudos to Tyler for the effort.

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