Sep 162014

Willow Smith has been pretty quiet since the release of her 2010 smash, “Whip My Hair.” The now 13-year-old has spent time tweeting cryptic messages, sampling Radiohead, and really gnashing her teeth with this whole teenage angst bit. Continuing in this trend, Will Smith’s teenage daughter released a simple but surprisingly good cover of King Krule’s “Easy, Easy.”

Smith replaces Archy Marshall’s baritone mutters and yelps with lighter but brooding vocals on the track, which is originally from King Krule’s debut album, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. While Smith didn’t change much of the instrumentation (and some have speculated that it is computer generated), she is switching up her musical stylings and tastes. Listen to the pleasantly surprising cover below.

Check out more from Willow Smith on her official website.

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