Jun 272014

Lana Del Rey has made her fair share of enemies while promoting her latest effort, Ultraviolence. She has said things like feminism “isn’t an interesting concept,” and she wishes she was “dead already,” turning off the likes of Francis Bean and simultaneously winning the hearts of angst-ridden teens.

Whether or not you are a fan of Del Rey’s brand of sultry, gloomy pop, you have to acknowledge that the musician knows how to be recognized. James Vincent Marrow knows this and decided to cover “West Coast” while on the Australian radio show Like a Version.

The irish singer/songwriter really shows off his range with goosebump-inducing falsettos, especially during the chorus. McMorrow manages to hang onto some of the dreaminess of the original as well, making it quite the cover.

Check out James Vincent McMorrow’s new album, Post Tropical, on his official website.

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