Jun 092014

The Velvet Underground continues to be a popular source of material for cover songs (as recently noted here and here). However, this may be the first time that The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed have been covered at the Grand Ole Opry. Elizabeth Cook, like any country artist worth her weight in cowboy boots, can flat out rock when she wants to, only to shift gears and deliver a soft, sincere song, like “Pale Blue Eyes,” without being too saccharine.

As noted in the intro, David Letterman, The Velvet Underground fan that he is, apparently requested this song of his friend Elizabeth Cook. She has covered the VU before on record, and her version of “Pale Blues Eyes” fits right in with the way she sang “Sunday Morning” and “Jesus.” If you didn’t know the songs, you might think they were written for her. “Pale Blue Eyes,” with an all acoustic band, remains focused on the lyrics as delivered by Cook’s strong, clear voice. Watch and listen to “Pale Blue Eyes” at the Grand Ole Opry below.

Check in with Elizabeth Cook at her website.

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