May 212014

If you are a casual classic rock fan, there are two little-known facts about Southern rock pioneers Creedence Clearwater Revival worth mentioning. First, the band was only together as CCR for five years; for as many instantly recognizable classics as they produced, that’s an incredibly short time span. Second, the band doesn’t hail from the swamps of Louisiana, or anywhere else south of the Mason-Dixon for that matter. They grew up outside of San Francisco.

It just goes to show that the source of great music can be pretty surprising. We’ve featured pop-rockers the Killers on Cover Me before, and although they may not be the most adventurous cover artists, they’ve held their own. And any trepidation you might have about their attempt to cover CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” will quickly be put to rest when you hear lead singer (and Las Vegas native) Brandon Flowers throw out his best John Fogerty voice in the video below.

On Saturday night at the Hangout Music Festival in Alabama, Flowers and company revealed their love for CCR and punched out a catchy, no-frills cover. Fogerty mastered the art of sounding like he came out of the Deep South, and although Flowers’ version wasn’t quite as convincing, it’s a cover worth checking out.

Listen to more of The Killers over on their official website.

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